About Elite Travel Group

Elite Travel Group is one of the longest established and best known travel company, based in Albania. Established in 2000, Elite Travel Group, and Elite DMC has a proven track record of providing the highest quality professional travel services in the Balkan region and South-Eastern Europe.

To give people the best of the Balkans and Eastern Europe. And to do it in a sustainable way,
working with local people to leave communities richer.

To build a sustainable company, we have a vision with clear goals to guide us.

Profit: we aim to make money, but not at the expense of our other guiding principles.
People: our business is built on our people. So we treat them well and inspire them
              to be the best they can be.
Product: our expertise helps people discover the best of the Balkans and Eastern Europe,
                and encourages them to return and discover more.
Partners: We work with local communities and suppliers to build loyalty and trust.
Planet: we only have one; all our activities aim to minimize their environmental impact
             and create stronger local communities.

Our business is built on respect. Respect for the planet, respect for our partners and respect
for our customers. We don’t just want to do business, we want to make friends as we go.
We’re innovative, always looking for new ways to minimize our footprint. By being reliable,
honest and transparent, we make sure our word is our bond. And by focusing on quality,
we make sure we’re delivering repeat business, which builds a sustainable future.
It’s a whole new way to experience the travel business.

In the past few years, the global travel industry environment has seen tremendous changes,
of course, that also us as a company based in Albania, which is considered a country under
development have been very curious and up to date with the changes.
Albanian tourism background is relatively old but always has been outdated and with
few steps back from the other neighboring countries. Surrounded by a very favorable geographical
position and with the most visited and famous Global destinations, like Greece, Italy, Montenegro,
and Croatia too, we have been steered to develop the tourism industry. Albania is still under
consolidation as a stable destination, and still lacking a clear plan for what we stand for!
This has been challenging for our company to have a clear future plan.
Therefore we have been more focused to strengthen our business model, not only in Albania but
with a further wider border strategy which made us more competitive in the Albanian
market but also regionally in southeast Europe.

                                           Our future strategy is purely based on 5 pillars:

     • Customer service-centric and quality management mindse.t
     • Diversified product portfolio, of travel experiences for B2B and B2C business environment.
     • Digitization consistency to improve processes and business structure.
     • Internally suppliers chain mainstream investments and external support to strategic suppliers.
     • Human recourses constant training and BPO provider.

Our business model, which we are ongoing, building, will allow our brand to be resilient and
very strong standing to all Global threats, such as climate & social changes, labor skills,
and disruptive digital era implications which are ahead of us! We are prepared to offer
a Travel business model, which will be flexible, adaptive and agile to respond to good and
bad times our humanity is going through.

We decide to engage on the sustainability certification process in order to learn, improve,
implement and promote good sustainability practices on social, environmental and economic
aspects of our business. We will work and set actions to maximize positive impacts and
minimize negative impacts of our operations. We aim to make tomorrow slightly better then
yesterday, positively influence, inspire and equally respect with dignity our team members, clients,
suppliers and partners to be an example of best practice in our country and entire region.


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