Discovering Elite Travel Group’s Profit Centers

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Discovering Elite Travel Group’s Profit Centers

As we have mentioned before, Elite Travel Group was established in 2000 and today is a well-known travel company in Albania. On a mission to give people the best of the Balkans and Eastern Europe, we have expanded our business throughout the years. Today, we have six profit centers, which do not offer only leisure services but also corporate travel services and business travel in Albania, as well as contributing to our community with our CSR initiatives. 

Which are our profit centers and what do they offer?

Elite Travel Albania

Firstly, we have Elite Travel Albania which is an inbound service provider only to B2C (Business to Client). ETA offers theme-tailored services and guaranteed departures, tours, excursions, shore excursions, transfers, rent a car, luxury programs, and other land products. These services are offered throughout Eastern Europe, the Balkans countries, and Albania as well. Elite Travel Albania’s carefully-crafted routes take you to both the classic sights and lesser-known, rural highlights. The passion and desire are still at the highest level.

Elite Travel Agency

Next, we have Elite Travel Agency. It is a tour operator for Albanians traveling out of Albania especially to the Balkan Regions and Central Europe. It offers accommodation for weekends/weekly stays, weekend breaks, cultural trips, and daily excursions. ETAg also has its contracted cruise offers for which inland services are done and operated by Elite Travel Group. And lastly, it offers explorations with 12 international trips in 5 continents, 1 each month. The company bases its work on a very professional staff and with considerable experience in the field of services.

The third profit center is Elite Travel Lufthansa City Center. This profit center provides its services to Albanian clients, Albanian businesses, and also International corporate accounts. These services include airplane tickets, ferry tickets, visa service, accommodation, tour packages, and airport transfers. Elite Travel – LCC with 20 years of experience in the travel business, is already part of a global network Lufthansa City Center known as the best and most reliable company in the global travel market, with about 5500 employees, 650 agencies in most more than 80 countries around the globe.

Elite DMC

As for the inbound service provider for B2B (Business to Business), we have Elite DMC. It offers hospitality products such as special accommodation contracts, round trips, theme tours, excursions and experiences, transfer services, shore excursions, Luxury programs, MICE, and many other land services. Elite DMC offers these services throughout Eastern Europe, Balkans countries, and Albania.

Elite Mobility

In addition, our Elite Mobility profit center offers transport services, rent a car, rent a driver services in Albania and the Balkans.

Elite Academy

We have Elite Academy which offers training and courses (especially for the tourism industry) focused on the principles of dual study. This is a nonprofit section, but the company is benefiting by qualifying young employees, improve its image, awareness, and company culture. This is done by offering social responsibility activities and this is considered a profit of professional development. Elite Academy is made of a group of dedicated tourism professionals with a great deal of experience. Everybody is constantly attentive to global tourism trends, especially digitalization, which is constantly changing the industry. Elite Academy is aware of the urgent need for competent serving staff in hospitality, and provide both introductory and advanced training that is specially adapted to the needs of the tourism and hospitality sector. Its courses are characterized by a combination of theoretical training and direct practice.

Elite Coaching

Elite Coaching helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals grow in a variety of ways. They usually work on a fixed schedule to share actionable feedback, personalized advice, and growth plans for their clients to increase company revenue, accelerate their career, or increase business growth. What Elite Coaching does, is a sustainable and smart transformation for the exponential growth of all industries.

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