Oracle Agreement: Steps Toward Elbasan Digital City 2025

Oracle Academy

Oracle Agreement: Steps Toward Elbasan Digital City 2025

In December, we invited Jane Richardson, the Senior Director of Oracle Academy, to the annual youth conference SpoonbillNest 2020. During her speech, she discussed the advancements in computer science and global learning, as well as the role of women in STEM. At the same time, a possible partnership between Oracle Academy and education institutions in Elbasan was mentioned.
Now we can proudly say that this step towards our goal “Elbasan Digital City 2025” has succeeded.

What is Oracle Academy?

Oracle is a global leader in enterprise software and IT solutions. It is well known for its cloud computing and database packages. As a part of their philanthropic program for global learning, they launched Oracle Academy. Its goal is to make advancements in computer and technology education worldwide and encourage innovation and diversity in different technology fields. Their commitment to education started 25 years ago. Now Oracle works with 120 institutions all over the world. Their support consists of curricula, Oracle cloud technology, software, and professional certification.
Now for the first time, we have this partnership in Albania as well starting with the University A. Xhuvani and professional schools of Elbasan.

Oracle Academy
How will the Oracle program be implemented? 

This proposal came from Oracle and Elite Travel Group. This cooperation of educational institutions with the business will encourage the students’ employment and training. Oracle’s program emphasizes the practical application of the theory. In addition, throughout the course, there will be workshops to make it more interesting for the students. The University will have the right to download and use the lectures, source codes, and programming platforms such as Alice and Greenfoot. Not only will this program develop the student’s skills, but it will also offer free training for professors and bring them closer to their colleagues from all over the world.

What does this mean for the future?

The University of Elbasan is the first Oracle Academy partner in Albania. We expect that this will not only change the way and quality of teaching but also attract more students. This program will create a generation that will be equipped with all the necessary tools for a better perspective for Elbasan. That is why we are proud to be a step closer to our initiative “Elbasan Digital City 2025”.
Stay tuned for more updates!