ETG Experience during European VET Week

European Vocational Skills Week

ETG Experience during European VET Week

European Vocational Skills Week 2020, the fifth edition of an annual event where different organizations around Europe showcase the best of vocational education and training (VET). This year, the event was organized to be completely online with the theme “VET for Green and Digital Transitions”. We saw this as a great opportunity to showcase ETG’s initiative to support our local VET programs and also to offer our own through Elite Academy.

Our activities during the VET week

The European Vocational Skills Week 2020 was held during 9-13 November. In the frame of this event, Elite Academy presented 7 courses online for students, teachers, and everyone interested. The topics were:

  1. Multimedia in the Future
  2. Guidelines for an excellent tour guide
  3. Brands of Global Tourism Industry
  4. Digital Marketing for the Future
  5. IT & AI in Tourism
  6. Everything about Blogging
  7. Full Stack Developer in .Net

Each presentation introduced the participants to a new perspective on the workforce and explore their talents. The aim was to show students and other participants not simply what we offer, but also to give them some more information regarding their opportunities and inspire them for the future. We were happy to see that around 138 participants enjoyed these webinars. If you missed them you can find the recordings on our Facebook Group.

Due to the success of this event, we look forward to welcome new students who want to participate to our courses at Elite Academy.

Our point of view

Just like the European Vocational Skills Week initiative, we believe that VET is very important not only for the Albanian but also for the European youth. We think that there is a lot of potential to find new talents through VET, and also to prepare students for what the future awaits. In our opinion, if there is enough investment in education and professional training, then we will be leading the next generations towards a better and brighter future.

Stay tuned for our next events and activities!