SpoonbillNest 2019 – 1st Albania Youth Conference for Future

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SpoonbillNest 2019 – 1st Albania Youth Conference for Future

Spoonbill Nest 2019, Albania’s first youth conference for the future, was held on December 8th and 9th in Elbasan. During these two days around 228 participants got to listen to inspiring speeches from international keynote speakers, as well as have panel discussions with local authorities.


What was discussed during Spoonbill Nest?

The main topics of the speakers in the conference were: entrepreneurship, coding, sustainability, digital marketing, lifelong learning, creative inspiration, and the new world of work. According to the feedback from the attendees, the speakers were described as amazing, inspiring and, most importantly, they presented the youth with a new perspective. Many of the youngsters remarked that this type of event was much needed.

This is the first event ever organized in Albania, where the authorities were invited to commit to working for the future of our youth during 2020. A committee of youth will follow up and evaluate the promises made on the opening ceremony of SpoonbillNest 2020.

Commitments from local authorities

So, what were the commitments?

During the panel discussions, composed by local authorities, lecturers and students, business the main topics were the challenges that the youth faces today and what possibilities do they have. The last session/Wrap up was focused on the commitments from the Municipality of Elbasan, University “A. Xhuvani”, VET school “Salih  Ceka” and from Elite Travel Group as well. The commitments consisted of:

Mr. Gledian Llatja, City Mayor, Elbasan: Youth Center, Funding for start-ups, Youth council

Mr. Taulant Balla, Head of Parliamentary Group: Digitalization of the administration

Mr. Robert Gajda, High commissioner for protection against discrimination: Disability Programs

Ms. Eda Cela, Head of Coordination and International Relations Office, “A. Xhuvani” University: PP project, ++ Erasmus, New curricula

Mr. Julian Kasapi, IT teacher of VET school “Salih Ceka”: Career orientation, Consolidation Business Partnerships

Mr. Elvis Kotherja, General Manager at Elite Travel Group: 300 courses 

The young volunteers/committee from the audience – Xhuliana Kasa, Alem Bedhija, Kristela Kadriu, Amelia Skraqi, and Klijti Vrapi – are the ones who will follow up these promises. There was also another group of volunteers, created by Rubena Bako, Vanesa Ramja, Hermes Dylgjeri, Igli Hoxha, Entela Hamzallari and Xhuliana Kasa, which will take care of the Hotels Sustainability project in Elbasan. With these groups, this conference marked the successful start of the Spoonbill Nest Community, which will be working towards a better future.

Is there going to be another event?

So, with the good feedback, but also with future improvements Spoonbill Nest promises to return on December 7th and 8th 2020 even stronger, better and to make sure that schools, universities and local authorities are working towards a brighter future for our youth.

We would like to thank the Moderator, International Speakers, Public Institutions, Partners and Friends, Media partners and all participants.

Big thanks go to GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), especially Mr. Randy Durband (CEO of GSTC)) for joining Spoonbill Nest and giving us advice on the future of the travel industry, how to avoid the harmful effects of tourism, being sustainable and a lot more.

Find photos, videos, and statistics from the feedbacks we got from the audience on the below links:

Statistics from 71 participants, all the data showed are on % for more info please, check the link:!Agf39imFGF_3hKM1aYEEGAdnd9btWQ?e=oax0cm

Photos from the event:!Agf39imFGF_3hKM2_J9jXqIXnMbYIA?e=TDdcBv

Opening Video of Spoonbillnest 2019:

Promo Video of Spoonbillnest 2019:

GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) to Spoonbillnest 2019: https://

Some Comments from the speakers:

“It gave the right signal against the brain drain: the old and the institutions care for the youth and want to give them help, guidance, sponsorship, and challenge.”

Amazing event, bright future outlook, and the right motivation. I got much positive feedback from the (young) people around that this conference was just what they were waiting for.”

“You created something really great and I’m proud to be a part of something you will call “history” one day. I really hope you will continue building on this and create an even bigger event next year”

See you on the SpoonbillNest 2020, on the 7th – 8th of December!!!